Danny's Story

A key strength is our ability to put people at ease and getting the best from them, often in very challenging situations.


A major healthcare company wanted to create emotive case studies highlighting their commitment to their members. This was just one of many stories filmed around the world.

Graphics Showreel

Interlink in-house graphics designers create animations that inspire and inform. Here we have examples of the amazing variety of styles that we are able to produce.


A key strength is our ability to take your message – condense it down and then deliver it will style.

Perfect Performance

Using a striking, imaginative metaphor to deliver a message can often be very effective.

For a major conference we created the idea of the perfect performance and used super slow motion shots of a gymnast to create a stunning and powerful message.

Mobile Connect

Often a complex message requires something extra-ordinary


To communicate the need for a single mobile platform we filmed a specially written poem from a performance poet against the backdrop of the Los Angels sky and added in bespoke motion graphics to add impact.

A Winning Partnership

Powerful testimonials are a great way to deliver a message in a striking and credible way.


To get impactful testimonials we used creatively filmed interviews and slow motion shots of each location, to ensure the message is also delivered in a credible and memorable way. 


Knowing our client’s business means we can look to utilize all their marketing and sponsorship activity. 


We used a sponsored paralympian to talk about her life and to help talk about our clients values. The result is something that delivers the message in a non-corporate and different way.

Stop Hunger

Telling a story can be a powerful way of communicating a message.


For the charity Stop Hunger, we used a one-shot approach showing how a successful person can easily go from affluence to living life on the street. The aim was to highlight how this can happen to anyone, and why the charity's work is so important.

Our Year

Using your people to deliver the message can be a great way to add authenticity and credibility to your film.


For SHG we wrote a simple script and worked with their people to deliver the message in an innovative way. We built a studio environment and created motion tracked graphics that SHG people interacted with.


We wanted to created a truly positive message about diversity.

Using real people to deliver a carefully scripted narrative, and having fun during filming, we created a film that has not only has impact but makes the viewer feel good about their organisation.